Ordinary Angels

Inspired by the incredible true story of a hairdresser


The real heart-wrenching story of a young hair-dresser who by her acting alone unites the entire neighborhood together to save the life of a father whose daughter is dying from a deadly illness formed the base of the storyline.

“Ordinary Angels(2024)” Review

Sharon Stevens (Hilary Swank) who being a hairdresser takes up the personal responsibility of helping the worst situation of the widowed father, Ed Schmitt (Alan Ritchson), who is battling the life of his sickest kid is the real-life story that inspired the movie. “The ordinary angels” is more than just a tale because it takes place in a small town of Kentucky in the dead Driven by a sense of renewed purpose and touched by Ed’ state, Sharon pledges to aid the Schmitts. Sharon learns to be tenacious in spite of multiple hardships and mishaps, including the catastrophic snowstorm that obliterated all the town’s infrastructure.

Ordinary Angels

Sharon will not let the cruel road block on her way. It unfolds the tale of sentimental revelations, typical miracles, and altruistic acts of ordinary people who appear to be divine when a fellow human needs them. 

Through her character, Hilary Swank cleverly symbolizes the perseverance and the meekness of a woman who reflects the perseverance power of human soul. Parents, such as Ed Schmitt who is played by Alan Ritchson, is treated with depth and the hopes and difficulties are portrayed on the screen. Hardship which is caused by the job of getting her daughter back to life becomes a real barrier for him. With their moving representations of neighbors uniting behind the Schmitt family, Nancy Travis, Tamala Jones, and Drew Powell, among others, in the supporting cast, further heightens the emotional impact of the movie.

Ordinary Angels

Under the direction of Jon Gunn and written by Meg Tilly and Kelly Fremon Craig,Ordinary Angels” adeptly combines themes of love, faith, and firmness to create a story that encourages and uplifts viewers. In the movie the ordinary heroes and the significance of togetherness in times of struggles are well shown; these key elements of the film resonate with every spectator as they remind us of the power of kindness and the importance of unity to face the greatest challenges. 

The movie was praised by the critics for the stellar performances of actors and gripping narrative it had, despite the fact that it faced a great deal of competition at the box office. The film still received mostly positive reviews and in the end, it became a commercial smash generating $16 million.
The film’s uncommon “A+” CinemaScore grade shows how much audiences responded to its message of hopefulness and resiliency.

Ordinary Angels


“Ordinary Angels” is essentially a testimony to the enormous ability for love and generosity that exists inside everyone of us, rather than merely a faith-based drama. The video makes a deep impression by showing how common people can rise to enormous obstacles and serves as a powerful reminder of the significant difference one can make when one chooses to act with compassion and grace.

 Cast of the Ordinary Angels

1. Hilary Swank as Sharon
2. Alan Ritchson as Ed
3. Emily Mitchell as Michelle
4. Skywalker Hughes as Ashley
5. Nancy Travis as Barbara
6. Tamala Jones as Rose (credited as Tamala Renee Jones)
7. Don Mike as Cousin Kelvin
8. Ryan Allen as Cousin Marcus
9. Drew Powell as Pastor Dave
10. Andrea del Campo as Georgie
11. Dempsey Bryk as Derek
12. Stephanie Sy as Amy Chan
13. Curtis Moore as News Anchor
14. Erik Athavale as Dr. Ghorbani
15. Neil Shah as ER Doctor
16. David Lawrence Brown as Bob Green
17. Cliff Sumter as Homeowner
18. Darcy Fehr as Albert Evans
19. Diana Botelho-Urbanski as Albert’s Daughter
20. Jan Skene as Albert’s Secretary
21. DJ Brotherson as Sam
22. Paul Essiembre as Helicopter Pilot
23. Adam Hurtig as Bartender
24. Cory Wojcik as Blue Collar Homeowner
25. Rick Skene as Crew Member
26. Nancy Sorel as Virginia
27. Lauren Cochrane as Billing Clerk
28. Sharon Bajer as Mid-60s Woman
29. Ernie Pitts as Ray
30. Jeff Strome as Young Solider #1
31. Rawleigh Clements-Willis as Young Soldier #2
32. Tristan Carlucci as Young Soldier #3
33. Gwendolyn Collins as Doctor
34. Amy Acker as Theresa
35. Keishon Joseph as Cashier
36. Robert Nahum as AA Leader
37. Gabriel Daniels as Gabe
38. Jason Wishnowski as Attorney
39. Loren Cronk as Local Shop Owner
40. Jean-Jacques Javier as Diner Manager (credited as Jean Jacques-Javier)
41. Rachel McLaren as Secretary #2

Rest of cast 
– Lam An as Bar Patron (uncredited)
– Vance Halldorson as Stranded Motorist / Fire Chief / Salon Patron (uncredited)
– Jim Kirby as Ed’s Neighbour (uncredited)
– Tanisa Islam Mahi as (uncredited)
– Cindy Myskiw as Nurse / Grandmother in hospital (uncredited)
– Brittney Naslund as Snow Shoveler (uncredited)
– Sajjadul Ahamed Riyad as (uncredited)
– William Whyte as Church Goer / Diner Patron (uncredited)
– Emily Jackson Wiebe as Background Extra (uncredited)
– Eldon Wu as Firefighter (uncredited)

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Country: United States


Director : Jon Gunn

Writers : Kelly Fremon Craig, Meg Tilly

Awards : not yet

Stars : Hilary Swank,Alan Ritchson,Emily Mitchell

Duration : 1 h 58 m

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