Civil War 2024

Race against time to reach DC before rebel factions


Venture on an electrifying journey as you venture into a futuristic dystopian America where a hardy crew of media warriors charge forth to beat the clock and arrive at the White House before hostilities there turned chaotic.

“Civil War,” a film by Alex Garland, depicts as vividly plausible a future that worries the citizens of the USA where a civil war breaks out between the federal government and various political entities. The movie, released in the year 2024, is a story about a team of journalists led by Lee Smith, a famous war photographer played by Kirsten Dunst, who headed from New York City to Washington, DC while ensnared by the jeopardies of the war.


A sad-felt experience of a divided country is revealed in Garland’s movie piece through excellent cinematography and slender story. From the first scenes of urban war that envisages the accuracy of the movie shots to the contrary indeeded encounters with armed militia and refugee camps deserted which on the brim of collapse can be imagined by a viewer. Handheld camera footage, which conveys the actors in immediate and intense way, provides an extra dimension to the story as it takes the audience straight into the middle of what is going on.


The heart of the tale is the veteran photographer, Lee, who is especially distressed by moral ambiguity in his occupation. Dunst (the actress) never fails to give the audience goosebumps, by eloquently screening the emotion of her character. When Lee, the protagonist, tutored the aspiring photographer Jessie Cullen, played by Cailee Spaeny, an emotional center through the whole turmoil was created, along with the growing of the special bond between the two that enclosed them both in this trouble.


Moreover, Martinez is acutely portrayed by Wagner Moura, an experienced journalist who tries to deal with the atrocities he and Don “Waxer” Wagner have encountered thus far. In the movie the veteran actor Stephen McKinley Henderson assumes the role of Sammy, the master of Lee, in an overbearing fashion. The rest of the cast, such as the reporter Sonoya Mizuno and the war correspondent Nick Offerman is also acting well.

The movie is probably the most memorable in its handling of war, its effects and all the aftermaths.

on the disengagement of both the combatants and civilians. Garland, however, doesn’t give in to the negative vibes of the conflict in his movie, and some viewers may be disturbed by the realistic scenes of violence and misery. However, through this chaos, people can find their own humanity in characters that take a close look at their morality and consciences as these people will just break down due to the fact that a lot of things are happening and that everything is turning into a big chaos.

The movie as a whole gives a striking image of the role the journalism plays in the critical moments of humanity. Lee and her crew seem to cross an ethical line every day exposing themselves to danger while trying to document truth. They have to grapple with the dark side of their profession. Unlike films on this subject, this film has no easy conclusion, making a more insightful statement on the depth of tragic suffering of experiencing a pivotal moment in time.


The theme of “Civil War” therefore is the sharpest of the condemnation directed at the political extremism and dictatorial character. Garland with an expert hand not only analyzes the general causes of the war that include the existing social schisms and gradual erosion of institutions and democratic norms. However, despite the darkness that is the dominant atmosphere, there are rays of hope when the characters unexpectedly find connection and togetherness in the midst of the anarchy.


Sighting-wise, the movie is more than comfortable, with masterful cinematography portraying the raw and astonishing beauty of the country ravaged by conflict. From a puppet master’s frame of a bombed-out city to the ceaseless slow pan of the film through the great American heartland, the viewer sees each shot is beautifully composed to play not just with but also brittle emotions. Further to that, Moonlight’s production design and visual effects, which are also top of the notch, enable the world which the film depicts, to be both similar to our world and unlike it.


Finally ;” Civil War” shows us a grim future situation, the warning that the general populace may face if we do not work to fix the world’s problems. From the correct acting to the intimate scenes and to the breathtaking visuals this film is with a very compelling story will stay in your mind even after the movie is over. In an era marked by political polarization and social unrest, its message is more timely and urgent than ever: When we account for the countries divided by war or any other causes, we don’t do it through the prism of financial or territorial losses, but through the number of lives sacrificed, and the count of a nation’s soul.



Production Budget (Cost)

$50 million

Gross US & Canada

$ 65.2 million

Other Territories

 $ 43.7 million 

Gross worldwide

 $108 million


$ 58 million

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Country: USA

Genres: I I

Director : Alex Garland

Writers : Alex Garland


Stars : Kirsten Dunst,Nick Offerman,Moura

Duration : 1h 49m

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