A family of ducks try to convince their overprotective father


"Mack, a homebody duck from New England, reluctantly agrees to migrate south with his adventurous wife, Pam, and their kids, Dax and Gwen, along with Mack's skeptical Uncle Dan. Despite encountering unexpected challenges along the way, the family embraces the journey and discovers the joy of adventure."

Movie Review of Migration

“Migration” a melodic animated adventure comedy film, follows a family of mallards that tackles a dangerous 1,000 miles journey from their colonial nest in New England to Jamaica in search of a new place to live. Helen’s action packed journey to becoming the mythical city’s protector is a treat both to the senses and the imagination. It is directed by Benjamin Renner, who co-directed it with Guylo Homsy and produced by Chris Meledandri, displaying excellent voice acting from actors such as Kumail Nanjiani, Elizabeth Banks, Keegan-Michael Key, Awkwafina, and Danny De

The plot is centered around Mack Mallard, a father who does all in his power to defend his family, perhaps against his will, from embarking on the journey to the south during winter. However, while the journey they take has a lot of these interesting features, there are some unexpected obstacles as well, e.g. a group of ducks that are migrating, a real gang of pigeons, and a captive scarlet macaw with an unusual name – Delroy. The Mallard saw pitting themselves in New York City facing challenges and there they learn simple lessons of bravery, toughness and that of family.

Among the toughest features, which makes this film stand out, is the sincere, heart-wrenching picture of family relationship, which can be the most beautiful relationship between mother and son. Macky’s first unwillingness to go beyond the Moosehead Pond demonstrates the issues parents feel about letting go and leaving the kids alone to uncover the world. Though the process, however, Mack realizes that he can conquer his phobias and take up the new life adventures. He hence finds himself becoming an inspiration to the family members.

Just like in “Migration”, the animation of that movie is also highly fantastic, with mindblowing backgrounds and heartfelt character designs. Renner’s striving to simplicity in drawing which is equally suitable for the computer animation proves his master of natural beauty of New England trees and the city vibrancy of New York. Through one-of-a-kind characteristics and gestures, every character declares themselves to be real and close-handed, hence endearing them to all people of any age.

The film is very humorous; the author makes one laugh not only by the crafty, but also heartwarming humor. The skillfully made silliness with the points when you feel more vulnerable almost as if you were watching yourself on the screen. Renner and co-writer Mike White wrote scripts where the audience will laugh from time to time, and also references like pop-culture lines will draw you closer but this particular dialogue keeps you amused from start to finish. Moreover, the movie’s soundtrack, the lively and sparkling music of John Powell, transparently adds to the story through the use of imaginative and innovative melodies.

A film’s success partly depends on its ensemble cast. “Migration” is fortunately graced with high-quality actors, each one reeling off portrayals that breathe live to their respective characters. Nanjiani represents Mack with the variety of attributes, which includes the aspect of guiding light and softness, whereas Banks is the lively and fun-loving Pam. Bringing the Delroy character to life is what Key does best with his usual knack for stylised humour and self-deprecating acting. Awkwafina and DeVito are a stand-out in the opening ensemble cast as Chump and Uncle Dan giving Chazi an extra dimension of emotion and humor.

While it is a strong story, “Migration” however, also got a few deficiencies. Others also have tried to show that the plot is not far from what they can think of because it is too predictable or in the manner of animation family films’ stock plots. Furthermore, the visual beauty of the film might not match the ratings due to an ordinary story that may not be necessarily unique enough to break into the animated film industry that is overly competitive these days.

Migration stands out from the crowd, having a story that sets it apart from other films. Although it is fun and thrilling, it also features main characters who learn from their experiences and grow as individuals. With attractive people, great animation graphics, and feel-good meanings, it’s going to definitely put a smile on different age of spectrum’s faces. However, it might not contain any surprising storylines, as long as it is able to create some solid and engaging themes, and while giving viewers plenty to contemplate about afterwards, that would be enough for audiences to enjoy it as a quality animation film.



Production Budget (Cost)

$ 72 million

Gross US & Canada

$127.4 million

Other Territories

$169.3 million

Gross worldwide

$296.7 million.


$  223.7 million


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Country: USA

Genres: I I

Director : Benjamin Renner, Guylo Homsy

Writers : Mike White, Mike White

Awards : 1 WIN & 6 NOMINATIONS

Stars : Kumail Nanjiani, Tresi Gazal, Elizabeth Banks

Duration : 1h 23m

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