Bob Marley: One Love

The story of how reggae icon Bob Marley behind his revolutionary music.


The story of how reggae icon Bob Marley overcame adversity, and the journey behind his revolutionary music.

“Bob Marley: ‘One Love’ Review

Cast of Bob Marley One Love 

Here’s the complete list of the cast for the movie in credits order:

1. Kingsley Ben-Adir as Bob Marley
2. Lashana Lynch as Rita Marley
3. James Norton as Chris Blackwell
4. Tosin Cole as Tyrone Downie
5. Umi Myers as Cindy Breakspeare
6. Anthony Welsh as Don Taylor
7. Nia Ashi as Teen Rita Marley
8. Aston Barrett Jr. as Family Man Barrett
9. Anna-Share Blake as Judy Mowatt (credited as Anna-Sharé Blake)
10. Gawaine ‘J-Summa’ Campbell as Antonio ‘Gillie’ Gilbert
11. Naomi Cowan as Marcia Griffiths
12. Alexx A-Game as Peter Tosh
13. Michael Gandolfini as Howard Bloom
14. Quan-Dajai Henriques as Teen Bob Marley
15. David Marvin Kerr Jr. as Junior Marvin (credited as David Kerr)
16. Hector Donald Lewis as Carly Barrett (credited as Hector Roots Lewis)
17. Abijah Livingston as Bunny Livingston (credited as Abijah ‘Naki Wailer’ Livingston)
18. Nadine Marshall as Cedella Malcolm
19. Sheldon Shepherd as Neville Garrick
20. Andrae Simpson as Donald Kinsey
21. Stefan Wade as Seeco Patterson (credited as Stefan A.D Wade)
22. Brian Todd Boucher as Claudie Massop
23. Cornelius Grant as Bucky Marshall (credited as Cornelius Orlando Grant)
24. Nolan Collignon as Young Bob Marley
25. Mekhai Newell as Stephen Marley
26. Xavier Woolry as David ‘Ziggy’ Marley
27. Kailey Titus as Cedella Marley
28. Rihanna Willoughby as Sharon Marley
29. Courtney Edwards as Teen Bunny Livingston
30. Narado Williams as Teen Peter Tosh
31. Matthew Malcolm Blake as Young Seeco Patterson
32. Stephen-Rhae Johnson as Joe Higgs
33. Tanner Paul as Jeff Walker
34. Calvin Mitchell as Omeriah Malcolm
35. Jo-Anne Williams as Auntie Vie
36. Jeff Crossley as Coxsone Dodd
37. Wilfred Chambers as Mortimer Planno
38. Jason Wright as Junior Braithwaite
39. Robbie Young as Bootboy
40. Mutabaruka as Elder Lewis
41. Aksel Ustun as French Journalist
42. Sundra Oakley as Diane Jobson
43. Sam Palladio as Joe Strummer
44. Everaldo Creary as Lee Scratch Perry
45. Daniel J. Hickson as Officer McCulloch
46. Obioma Ugoala as Doctor – University Hospital 1976
47. Dónall Ó Héalai as Benjamin Elswitt
48. Yasmeen Scott as Bianca Jagger
49. Bridgette Bucknor as Poor Woman
50. Harry Burton as Doctor Mulberge
51. Nestor Aaron Absera as Australian Reporter (credited as Nestor Absera)
52. Fleur de Wit as Reporter
53. Laila Alj as Reporter
54. Aisha Davis as Reporter
55. Benedict Clarke as Reporter
56. Dominic Charman as Reporter
57. Emma Bown as Reporter
58. Fiona Helen Armstrong as Reporter
59. Kane L. Pearson as Reporter
60. Lauryn Louise as Reporter
61. Simon Bass as Reporter
62. Tom Balmont as Reporter
63. Michael Amiar as Marcel
64. Njeri Osbourne as Cherry Smith
65. Krystle Chong as Beverly Kelso
66. Fae A. Ellington as Announcer – National Heroes Park
67. Raimu Itfum as British Police Officer
68. Nadean Rawlins as Trench Town Woman
69. Cosmo Wellings as Mick Jagger
70. Timmoy Sinclair as Police Officer
71. Derrick Levy as Police Officer
72. Daniel Melville Jr. as Norval Marley
73. Abba Samuel Tadely as Haile Selassie
74. Henry Douthwaite as Norval
75. Christopher Jordan Bernard as Claudie Hood (credited as Christopher J. Bernard)
76. Amalie Gissel as Fan
77. Youness Bouzinab as Fan
78. Eleonora Andronaco as Fan
79. Terence Schweizer as Fan
80. Princess Donnough as Fan
81. Jordan Laidley as Fan
82. Pierre Angus as Fan
83. Jaden Evelyn as Jamaican Crowd Member
84. Ivy Freeman-Attwood as Female News Reporter
85. Gareth Armstrong as TV Sports Announcer
86. Roger Ringrose as Male News Reporter

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Country: United States

Genres: I I

Director : Reinaldo Marcus Green

Writers : Terence Winter Frank E. Flowers Zach Baylin

Awards : 2 Nominations

Stars : Terence Winter Frank E. Flowers Zach Baylin

Duration : 1 h 47 m

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