A reclusive author starts to mirror real-world events, in real time.


The secretive author who writes espionage novels about the adventures of an agent and an international spy organization discovers that the content of her new book is similar to the current real world's crisis.

Argylle Review

Cast for the movie Argylle

1. Henry Cavill as Argylle
2. Daniel Singh as Armed Guard #1
3. Dua Lipa as Lagrange
4. Ariana DeBose as Keira
5. Richard E. Grant as Director Fowler
6. John Cena as Wyatt
7. Bryce Dallas Howard as Elly Conway
8. Jason Fuchs as Moderator
9. Tomás Paredes as Carlos
10. Bobby Holland Hanton as Enforcer #1
11. Greg Townley as Enforcer #2
12. Alaa Habib as Zoe the Superfan
13. Clementine Vaughn as Fan #2
14. Raagni Sharma as Fan #1
15. Chip as Alfie the Cat
16. Jing Lusi as Li Na
17. Catherine O’Hara as Ruth
18. Kandy Rohmann as Train Conductor
19. Fiona Marr as Bar Woman
20. Diljohn Singh as 1st Class Passenger #1
21. Emmett J Scanlan as Handsome Man
22. Sam Rockwell as Aidan Wilde
23. Joyce Kaminski as 1st Class Passenger #3
24. Mark Bernard as 1st Class Passenger #2
25. Bryan Cranston as Director Ritter
26. Tomiwa Edun as Deputy Nolan (credited as Adetomiwa Edun)
27. Rob Delaney as Deputy Director Powell
28. Stanley Morgan as Bakunin
29. Annabella King as Young British Girl #1
30. Liam Lau-Fernandez as Young Brit #2 (credited as Liam Lau Fernandez)
31. Andrew Barrett as Op-Centre Tech #1
32. Ali Ariaie as Op-Centre Tech #2
33. Abe Jarman as Op-Centre Tech #3
34. Samuel L. Jackson as Alfie
35. Sam Vincenti as Bartender
36. David Bedella as Leonard
37. Anthony Kaye as Saba Al-Badr Security
38. Amra Mallassi as Security Guard
39. Sofia Boutella as Saba Al-Badr
40. Louis Partridge as Aubrey Argylle
41. Ben Daniels as Bartender

Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
– Bern Collaço as Hotel Guest (uncredited)
– Daniel Eghan as Train Passenger (uncredited)

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Country: United States

Genres: I

Director : Matthew Vaughn

Writers : Jason Fuchs

Awards : not yet

Stars : Henry Cavill Daniel Singh Dua Lipa

Duration : 2h 19 nm

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