Matthew Langford Perry

Matthew Langford Perry
Mathhew Perry 2012
Birthday August 19, 1969
Date of Death October 28, 2023
Height Approximately 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm)
Profession Actor, comedian, and playwright
Mother’s Name Suzanne Perry
Father’s Name John Bennett Perry
Origin: Canadian-American
Country of Birth United States (Williamstown, Massachusetts)
City of Residence till death Los Angeles, California

Born on August 19, 1969, Matthew Langford Perry rose to prominence in American and Canadian leisure. His work included acting in films, television shows, video games, and degrees.

Perry gained fame portraying the character Chandler Bing upon the successful sitcom “Friends,” and his impact on the entertainment  industry lasted until his tragic death on October 28, 2023.



Early Life and Education:

Matthew Langford PerryDue to his parents’ early separation, Perry spent a large portion of his formative years in Ottawa, Canada. This separation affected his childhood. Perry had emotional separation within his own family dynamics, which exacerbated his behavioral problems even though he attended elite institutions. His last move to Los Angeles prepared him for his performing career, where he polished his skills in advanced classes and started his journey into the entertainment industry.

Career- 1979–1993: Early Roles:

Matthew Langford PerryPerry’s early attempts at playing modest, protected television jobs helped him gain experience and recognition in the field. Matthew Perry started out his appearing career inside the late Seventies and early Nineteen Eighties, taking minor roles in quite a few television shows and films. These roles normally featured cameo appearances or minor assisting roles.

Perry appeared in numerous noteworthy TV   shows of the time, consisting of “Silver Spoons,” “Charles in Charge,” and “Who’s the Boss?” These positions helped him secure recognition and laid the foundation for his destiny profession.

1994–2004: Breakthrough with Friends:

Matthew Langford PerryPerry’s pivotal role in his career began with “Friends,” when he portrayed Chandler Bing and gained critical and worldwide recognition. Perry shot to prominence as a result of the display’s enormous success, leading to other film and television opportunities.

2005–2022: Later Work:

When it came to projects other than “Friends,” Perry continued to demonstrate his flexibility, working on comic flicks and television dramas alike. Perry had an enduring impression on fans in the entertainment industry, even if he had to handle difficult issues with a few projects.

Personal Life:

Matthew Langford PerryPerry’s personal lives were defined by a string of high-profile partnerships that highlighted his standing as a notable individual. Beyond the public spotlight, Perry’s convictions and perfectionistic inclinations also revealed aspects of his nature. Perry’s struggle with addiction became a big part of his life at an early age and continued into his professional life. His battles with alcoholism, prescription drug use, and excessive use of drugs were recorded. Perry faced a number of health issues despite making a few attempts at recovery, underscoring the extent of his addiction. Perry’s health issues were many and demonstrated how serious his addiction was. Aside from his acting career,

Matthew Langford PerryPerry committed his life to advocating, especially in the areas of mental health awareness and addiction treatment. It was admirable that he was trying to help these causes. His attempts to advocate for drug abuse awareness and rehabilitation programs demonstrated his commitment to having a significant influence outside of the entertainment sector.

Death and Legacy:

Matthew Langford PerryPerry’s untimely death shaken people all over the world and made people think about the advocacy and entertainment he had contributed to. Friends, family, and coworkers show up for his funeral, highlighting the significant impact he had on everyone around him. Following his passing, the Matthew Perry Foundation’s established order spoke to his continuing legacy of helping people who were battling with dependency.

Matthew Langford Perry’s life and career have been distinguished by his extraordinary skill, his willingness to overcome great obstacles, and his persistent commitment to his advocacy and trade. Fans will never forget Perry’s legendary performances and efforts to spread consciousness regarding addiction; his legacy will serve as a testament to the long-term influence of one person’s journey in the entertainment world.

Matthew Langford Perry is an American and Canadian a comedian, writer, performer, and director of production. His most popular role is Chandler Bing in the popular comedy Friends.

Here’s a list of works (films, television, theatre, and video games), year-wise:


– 1988: A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon (as Fred Roberts)

1989: She’s Out of Control (as Timothy)

1989: Fat Man and Little Boy (as Bomb Technician, Uncredited)

– 1994: Getting In (as Randal Burns, Direct to video)

1997: Fools Rush In (as Alex Whitman)

– 1998: Almost Heroes (as Leslie Edwards)

1999: Three to Tango (as Oscar Novak)

– 2000: The Whole Nine Yards (as Nicholas “Oz” Oseransky)

2000: The Kid (as Mr. Vivian, Cameo, Uncredited)

– 2002: Serving Sara (as Joe Tyler)

– 2004: The Whole Ten Yards (as Nicholas “Oz” Oseransky)

– 2007: Numb (as Hudson Milbank, Also executive producer)

– 2008: Birds of America (as Morrie)

– 2009: 17 Again (as Older Mike O’Donnell)

– 2015: Misery Loves Comedy (as Himself)


– 1979: 240-Robert (as Arthur, Episode: “Bank Job”)

– 1983: Not Necessarily the News (as Bob, Episode: “Audrie in Love”)

– 1985: Charles in Charge (as Ed, Episode: “The Wrong Guy”)

– 1986: Silver Spoons (as Davey, Episode: “Rick Moves Out”)

– 1987–1988: Second Chance/Boys Will Be Boys (as Chazz Russell, Main role)

– 1988: Dance ’til Dawn (as Roger, TV movie)

1988: Just the Ten of Us (as Ed, Episode: “The Dinner Test”)

– 1988: Highway to Heaven (as David Hastings, 2 episodes)

– 1989: Empty Nest (as Bill at 18, Episode: “A Life in the Day”)

– 1989: Growing Pains (as Sandy, Recurring role)

– 1990: Sydney (as Billy Kells, Main role)

– 1990: Who’s the Boss? (as Benjamin Dawson, Episode: “Roomies”)

– 1990: Call Me Anna (as Desi Arnaz Jr., TV movie)

1991: Beverly Hills, 90210 (as Roger Azarian, Episode: “April Is the Cruelest Month”)

– 1992: Dream On (as Alex Farmer, Episode: “To the Moon, Alex!”)

– 1992: Sibs (as Chas, Episode: “What Makes Lily Run?”)

– 1993: Deadly Relations (as George Westerfield, TV movie)

– 1993: Home Free (as Matt Bailey, Main role)

– 1994: Parallel Lives (as Willi Morrison, TV movie)

– 1994: LAX 2194 (as Blaine, Unaired Pilot)

– 1994–2004: Friends (as Chandler Bing, Main role)

1995: Caroline in the City (Episode: “Caroline and the Folks”)

– 1995: The John Larroquette Show (as Steven, Episode: “Rachel Redux”)

– 1997: Saturday Night Live (Host, Episode: “Matthew Perry/Oasis”)

– 2001: The Simpsons (as Himself, Voice, episode: “Treehouse of Horror XII”)

– 2002: Ally McBeal (as Todd Merrick, 2 episodes)

– 2003: The West Wing (as Joe Quincy, Recurring role)

– 2004: Scrubs (as Murray, Episode: “My Unicorn”; director)

– 2006: The Ron Clark Story (as Ron Clark, TV movie)

– 2006–2007: Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (as Matt Albie, Main role)

– 2011: Childrens Hospital (as Himself, Episode: “The Black Doctor”)

2011: Mr. Sunshine (as Ben Donovan, Main role)

– 2012–2013: The Good Wife (as Mike Kresteva, Recurring role)

– 2012: Go On (as Ryan King, Main role; Also executive producer)

– 2014: Cougar Town (as Sam Johnston, Episode: “Like a Diamond”)

– 2014: Playhouse Presents (as The Charismatic Man, Episode: “The Dog Thrower”)

– 2015: Web Therapy (as Tyler Bishop, 2 episodes)

– 2015–2017: The Odd Couple (as Oscar Madison, Main role; creator, executive producer and writer)

2017: The Good Fight (as Mike Kresteva, Recurring role)

– 2017: The Kennedys: After Camelot (as Ted Kennedy, Miniseries; executive producer)

– 2021: Friends: The Reunion (as Himself, Executive producer)


– 2003: Sexual Perversity in Chicago (as Danny, Comedy Theatre, London)

– 2016: The End of Longing (as Jack, Also playwright; Playhouse Theatre, London)

– 2017: The End of Longing (as Jack, Also playwright; Lucille Lortel Theater, off Broadway)

Video games:

– 2010: Fallout: New Vegas (as Benny, Voice role)




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